Stadtfell Design was founded in Berlin in 2004. While the very first collections were still influenced by a classic and plain line, subsequent collections evolved towards the unique style nowadays associated with the name Stadtfell.

Stadtfell (German: Cityfur or Urban fur) acknowledges two major inspirations for our chief designer: The smooth, urban lines and shapes of contemporary city life and the organic, creative principle of nature. Both principles merge to form an exciting mélange of a smart and functional way of modern dressing.

Using predominantly natural fabrics and dark, pleasant colors Stadtfell Design works with itīs own philosphy of color harmony. Seven main colors which are used rather sparsely form a fixed variety of mixed tints to create a dynamic tune.

While the main collections so far have been women's a new men's wear collection is currently being created. Stadtfell Design is famous for itīs casual comfort and itīs finely crafted quality.